Frequently Asked Questions for PPI | We will answer your questions here  

Below is a sample of some of the most frequent questions people ask regarding being Mis sold PPI but if we have not covered your specific question then please contact us with your specific question.

Can I do my own ppi claims?
The simple answer is yes but you must be confident of what your complaint is about and what information you are going to review in your file to lodge you mis sold PPI claim as you will only get one opportunity to make your complaint.


What type of claims will we not consider?
We will not look into claims over 6 years old from the financial contract finishing.


Will I have additional costs to pay?
“No Win, No Fee” basis. If we are successful with your claim you will be invoiced for 15% plus VAT of the total compensation we win on your behalf as soon as the compensation has been paid either to you or into your financial commitment. No other fees are due.


How does the process work?

We will send you a welcome ppi claims pack including a form of authority to send to the company in question, this allows us to deal with your claim on your behalf and the company in question must respect your wishes under treating customers fairly.


I do not have a copy of my agreement?

You have 2 options at this point, if you have several agreements it would be worth obtaining your credit report from a company like Experian which will cost you £2 or you can pay £1 for each agreement you think may have ppi attached to it by us submitting a section 77-79 request under the data protection act on your behalf.


We then have to wait for the file to arrive although there are guidelines as to the time the person in question is allowed to take to supply this information. We will then start the process of auditing your case which will include us asking you to verify certain points within your file. This could take up to 1 week to complete as there is many areas we will review and discuss with you.


We will then advise you if you have a Mis sold complaint based on the information we have received and then prepare our report to the company in question outlining our complaint. The next step is to allow them the opportunity to respond to the complaint and offer redress if they feel this is appropriate, if they decline the complaint then the next step is to apply to the Financial Ombudsman to have the case reviewed. Once they make their decision this becomes final and we will notify you of the outcome. During the whole process we will keep you informed on a monthly basis via email as to the progress of your complaint.

* this was for a missold pension case as we deal with missold financial products in general